COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Ohio Department of Health has released the latest number of COVID-19 cases in the state.

The numbers reported on Sunday reflect the past two days with ODH not reporting new COVID-19 cases on Christmas.

As of Sunday, Dec. 26, a total of 1,931,908 (+20,917) coronavirus cases have been reported in Ohio, leading to 94,462 (+109) hospitalizations and 11,566 (+9) admissions into the ICU.

ODH reported 443 deaths on Friday bringing the total to 28,720. The state is updating the number only after death certificates have been processed, usually twice a week.

Last week, Ohio had three consecutive days with record case numbers in one-day ever. The most cases in one-day ever, not including backlogged data, was set on Thursday with 15,989 new COVID-19 cases reported.

OhioHealth infectious disease specialist Dr. Joseph Gastaldo said the record number of cases seen in the state this past week is due in part to the omicron variant being much more contagious and transmissible.

Gastaldo added hospitals are also still dealing with the surge in patients needing care due to the delta variant and the new strain of the virus isn’t helping with that.

According to Gastaldo, case numbers are up 61 percent and hospitalizations are up eight percent across the state compared to just 14 days ago, and it’s important to stay vigilant with mitigation measures.

“Based on information coming out of Scotland, England, and South Africa, there is some data suggesting that omicron is associated with a lower severity of illness,” he said. “However, we cannot be complacent with that. Roughly 60 percent of those in the United States are fully vaccinated. We still have work to go to get vaccines in the younger people.”

New vaccination numbers were not available and are not expected to be updated again until Monday, with health department officials saying that a database vendor would have a multi-day outage. As of Wednesday, 6,937,844 people in the state had at least started the vaccination process.

The 21-day case average is sitting at more than 10,000.