COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Ohio Department of Health has released the latest number of COVID-19 cases.

As of Monday, Aug. 9, a total of 1,143,599 (+1,269) cases has been reported since the start of the pandemic, leading to 62,575 (+55) hospitalizations and 8,537 (+8) ICU admissions. A total of 5,852,623 people — or 50.07% of the state’s population — has at least started the vaccination process, an increase of 6,675 over the previous day.

ODH reported 26 deaths Friday, bringing the total to 20,556. The state is updating the total number of deaths only after death certificates have been processed, usually twice a week. 

Saturday’s 2,317 cases were the most since April 13 (2,340) and the most on a Saturday since Feb. 20 (2,611). Last week’s 12,196 cases were the most in a Monday-Sunday period since April 12-18 (10,639).

During a news conference Friday, Gov. Mike DeWine said Ohio is currently split between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, and he encouraged all Ohioans to get on board with the CDC’s recommendation to protect themselves against COVID-19.

“The most effective tool we have today is the vaccine,” DeWine said. “People who are not vaccinated are not safe. I want to make sure everyone has the facts.”