City of Bexley to require public face mask wearing


Bexley, Ohio (WCMH) — On Wednesday, Ohio reported more than 1,000 new coronavirus cases for the first time since April. Governor Mike DeWine urges Ohioans to stay vigilant in stopping the spread of the coronavirus by wearing masks.

“What you’re seeing in other states is certainly not what we want the future to be for Ohio,” Governor DeWine said on Monday during a coronavirus briefing.

This came after states like Arizona, Florida and Texas have been forced to shutdown businesses after spikes in the coronavirus.

If Ohioans want to avoid a future like that of other states, medical professionals strongly suggest people must start wearing a mask. 

“I would really encourage DeWine to make it mandatory to wear a mask because that, with social distancing and washing your hands, is the most effective way we’re going to open up the economy,” said Dr. Anita Somani.

Gov. DeWine has been a strong supporter of wearing a mask, however he walked back a mask wearing mandate after receiving criticism.

“I made the decision, right or wrong, that . . . mandating that every Ohioan out in public wear a mask was something that a significant amount of Ohioans would not accept,” DeWine said on Monday.

Now, communities are taking action to stop the spread of the virus. Starting Friday, Bexley will have a face covering requirement in place. 

“If we’re all wearing masks, that’s the best way we have to combat the virus, so we thought the order was essential to give that extra nudge,” said Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler. 

Places where Bexley mandates face coverings

  • Retail businesses
  • Restaurants (except when seated at a table)
  • Theaters
  • Office spaces open to the public (i.e. lobbys, reception areas, etc.)
  • Personal care and grooming businesses

Mayor Kessler explained that it is not just for the health of citizens but businesses as well.

“I see this as an economic as well as public health initiative,” said Kessler. “If we have to close back up businesses, our entire society is going to suffer.”

Also on Wednesday, the Dayton City Commission passed an ordinance requiring face coverings in public spaces. 

Governor DeWine applauded the move saying in part, “Wearing a mask will allow us to help keep businesses open and help prevent further spikes. I encourage other communities to consider following Dayton’s lead.”

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