WORTHINGTON, Ohio (WCMH) — It was a busy Saturday for Columbus Public Health as it spent its day providing COVID-19 vaccines at Perry Middle School.

Approximately 300 people in less than two hours waited in line to get vaccinated. For comparison, 300 was the final tally of a similar clinic Friday.

Columbus Public Health said the turnout shows how much demand for the vaccine has increased ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Joe Tufts brought his 6-year-old daughter to the clinic for her first dose of the vaccine, saying it’s a moment he’s been waiting for.

“Anything we can do just to keep everyone safe is what we’re hoping to do,” he said.

Jiana Zelaya, 9, said she didn’t necessarily know what to expect, but was under the assumption that it would hurt, but before she knew it, her shot was done.

“It’s just a little tightness in my arm,” Zelaya said.

She said a lot of friends her age have been hesitant to get the shot, so she hopes to encourage them to get vaccinated now that she can describe to them what it felt like.

Melanie Tafolla, 12, is another girl who wants to do her part to help. Her goal is to return things to normal.

“It felt like a pinch,” she said of the shot.

In addition to administering COVID-19 shots to kids, the clinic also offered flu shots and COVID-19 booster shots to adults.

Columbus Public Health wants to remind people they will have additional vaccine sites throughout the week. Their hope is to keep COVID-19 cases down as the holidays are quickly days away.

For more information on Columbus Public Health’s clinics, click here.