BEXLEY, Ohio (WCMH) – Bexley City Schools is requiring two masks or a CDC equivalent for students and staff as they return to in-person learning.

“The Evaluation Team reviewed several masking protocols and determined which options would provide protection equivalent or superior to double masking,” the district posted to its website.

Four types of masking, including double masking, are among the suggestions the district is making as student return to all in-person learning on March 23.

The options put forth by the district are:

  • A disposable mask under a cloth mask.
  • A single 3-ply disposable or 3-ply cloth mask with a mask filer or mask brace.
  • A single KN95 or N95 mask
  • A single 3-ply mask made from non-woven, high-efficiency filter material

The district is purchasing 3-ply masks made of the filter material (option 4) for all students. Two of the masks will be given to each student on March 23.

The district is using CARES Act funding to purchase the masks.

Families can use either of the other three options, but must purchase those masks on their own.

More on the district’s mask mandate can be found here.