COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Shannon Rosenberg is a wife and mother of three, and works a full-time job with Nationwide Insurance, but she also is a woman on a mission to help families and children, as well as provide much-needed adoption support.

For Shannon Rosenberg, it was a moment years ago when she knew her husband Michael was her soul mate.

“We were making our bucket list one day, as 18-year-olds know what they want to do before they die, and he had already written that he wanted to adopt, so I was like, ‘I’m going to marry you.'”

Years later, they did just that. Now, the couple is married with three kids, one of whom is adopted.

“Only through the generosity of friends and family were we able to [adopt] and to welcome our son into our home and make him our son,” said Rosenberg.

But during that process, Rosenberg learned a valuable lesson about how difficult the adoption process can be, leading her to create a non-profit called The Marcus Project.

“I want to help in some way form or fashion if others are considering adoption, are not sure where to start, or just need a shoulder to lean on as they’re going through the lengthy process,” said Rosenberg. “We went to remove that barrier for them or be that mentor.”

Since then, she has been a resource for families, answering questions, including helping families find funds in what can be an expensive process.

“Especially with adoption, private adoption, if that’s the one barrier, if you’re all in except for the cost, if we can remove that one thing to welcome a child into a home, that would absolutely be the goal,” said Rosenberg.

But it’s more than adoption. The Marcus Project has also provided hundreds of coats for kids and their family members, furthering their mission of supporting families and kids in our community.

“There are first responders and teachers and the truly remarkable doing it day after day, so how can I at least lean in with my energy and my time in the way that I have,” said Rosenberg. Finding your purpose, finding your thing. Everyone has their own thing, their own passion. It’s like what makes your stomach hurt? For me, it’s kids — kids in neglect, or kids in need — kids that need a home.”

Rosenberg notes that 100 percent of donations go toward their projects and missions. For more information, visit