(WCMH) — And the winner is — Kathy Jackson. Over the past few weeks here at NBC4, we’ve introduced you to some women in central Ohio doing some amazing things.

Not just at work, or home with their families, we’re talking about some women — and there are a lot of you out there — who leave your job and pick up your passion. That passion for giving — that’s what makes them a Remarkable Woman.

“I became speechless, and that’s hard to do for a speech pathologist…yeah, a little speechless and surprised but thank you,” said Kathy Jackson after learning she’d been chosen to represent central Ohio.

Jackson says it’s not just what you say, it’s what you do. And she says if you really want to give, no matter where you live, there are four ways to donate. You can always give your money, write a check to a cause in need, you can give away things, gently used clothes, shoes, household items.

“You can donate your skill you have a talent or if you’re a master gardener, you’re a great painter, a scientist and you can help a kid with his chemistry or you can volunteer your time,” added Jackson.

Take a buddy with you and make it fun. Jackson says if you do that once you’ll want to go back again and again. That’s why Kathy Jackson is one of four Remarkable Women nominated here in central Ohio — all making a difference.

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A national panel with Nexstar read all of the entries submitted across the country and Jackson just found out, she’ll represent Columbus in New York at the Mel Robbins show.

Jackson acknowledged, “To me, every day’s a magical day, so it’s all good.”

NBC4 introduced you to Jackson weeks ago. We followed her from the grocery store to nearby food pantries and shelters where she helps those in need. Since then, she says she’s heard from corporations who want to help.

“My Facebook page went crazy. I’ve been to St. Mary’s school in Delaware and talked to the whole school about giving instead of giving up. I had a school in Hilliard, they sent me some letters they said they’re inspired now to go out and do things,” revealed Jackson.

Like the other Remarkable Women here in central Ohio, they do what they can because they say there’s a need, not for trophies or gold stars. Jackson says she’s blessed and she just wants to be a blessing to others.

“I was caught off guard. I did not have any expectations. I do the things that I do from my heart and it was kind of a shock,” admitted a humbled  Jackson.

Congratulations to all the winners of Nexstar’s ‘Remarkable Women’ campaign