Kathy Jackson knows how to hit the mark. She’s humble and blessed and she doesn’t mind jumping in to do some of the heavy lifting to make sure she’s making a difference in someone else’s life.

Jackson says the work she does every week by going to shelters, food pantries and helping provide clothing and other items to those in need — well, it might just be stuff to some — but this gives her life.

“I think we all have a gift that we all share, just sometimes we don’t know where to share,” Jackson offers.

Kathy Jackson isn’t part of a group, not-for-profit or some other organization. She says she, “just likes helping others,” going where the need or donation is most.

“She’s like our angel. She brings in a lot of food, clothes, diapers, everything,” gushes volunteer who knows Jackson.

Jackson is most proud of the other work she does. She collects pads and tampons and hands them out to homeless women and girls. She has so much stuff, she rents out storage space. It’s packed with everything — even bras— she’s given away thousands. All because she talks to people, and when they don’t know where to take those items they improvise.

Jackson shares this story about another woman, “She had lost weight and her husband said, ‘you need to get some new bras,’ so she went to Soma and asked the question, ‘What do I do with good bras?’ and the lady said, ‘homeless people need bras.’

She says it’s what she’s supposed to do. Her motto, “You’re never too busy to do the things that really matter.”

Jackson says, “This makes me happy. My husband and my kids sometimes think I’m crazy, but they know this makes my heart go. And every day I get up I know that my day is probably better than somebody else’s and if I can get them this, maybe I can make their day better too.”