COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — For Angela Mingo, health and housing go hand in hand, that is why it is her mission to improve central Ohio neighborhoods and — in turn — improve the lives of central Ohio children, it is just one of the reasons why she is a remarkable woman.

As the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Community Relations Director, Angela Mingo doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk with the Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families initiative.

“This work started back in 2008, we set a bold goal of impacting 100 properties, at that time we had just come off the housing bubble and we saw a lot of foreclosures in this community and there were no comps even to base the housing work that we set forth to do on,” said Mingo. “So we really didn’t know what we were starting with, but we knew that we wanted to make an impact.

“And so, that goal has now turned into over 400 properties being impacted thanks to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. So making sure that we’re focusing on removing the blight in neighborhoods and improving health outcomes through affordable housing is what we’ve been working on.”

“What she’s been able to do behind the scenes with housing and impacting the city and the health of the community is just phenomenal,” said Mingo’s team member Johnathan Alexander.

Alexander felt compelled to recognize Mingo as a remarkable woman in central Ohio.

“She’s not just talking about it, she’s actually stepping up doing it and I just think you give credit where the credit’s due,” added Alexander. “She’s earned it man, she’s done a heck of a job with this program and the hospital and just inspiring people.”

The nomination was something Mingo never expected.

“I was truly humbled and surprised,” said Mingo. “I was grateful that my team thinks so much of me and I have to say that the work that I do, it is thanks to amazing team members who come to work each and every day wanting to make an impact in the lives of children and families that really gets this work off the ground. And so being able to lead and inspire a team to do this work really gives me a great feeling and exhilaration each and every day coming to work.”