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Dr. Raul Rodriguez is now offering a Non-Invasive Soundwave Treatment for Improved Sexual Function

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Don’t give up on satisfying sex; the treatments offered by Rodriguez at his practice are quick, drug-free, non-surgical, painless, and without side effects

HOUSTON , TEXAS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , January 24, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Dr. Rodriguez is nationally respected as one of the top creative physicians in anti-aging aesthetic treatments and procedures. He is passionate about women’s health and wellness, inspiring him to introduce a non-invasive three-step process that is fast, pain-free, and with no downtime, so women can improve their sexual responsiveness and reach orgasm. Cliovana uses sound wave technology to boost the process of regenerating cells in the genitals, resulting in improved blood flow to the clitoris, which creates a long-term increase in women’s sexual responsiveness and intensity. This helps with painful sex and lubrication and increases orgasm frequency. It’s estimated that nearly 50% of women suffer from vaginal dryness, decreased vaginal lubrication, pain during intercourse, and trouble, or inability, to reach an orgasm. The treatment only involves a short series of painless outpatient procedures.

“I focus on cosmetic and aesthetic treatments and procedures that truly restore the natural look and feel of youth, always looking for creative ways to get patients what they need to get there. For women, that often means helping them to enjoy a full and satisfying sex life. Many women don’t orgasm and are embarrassed to talk about it or have worries about what a solution would look like,” says Dr. Rodriguez, cosmetic surgeon, nationally respected aesthetic physician, cosmetic laser expert, and international speaker. “Cliovana uses soundwaves to change that in just a few simple sessions, making sex more enjoyable, less painful and improving orgasm frequency - and intensity.”

Cliovana is a patented treatment using soundwaves, which have been used to treat a wide variety of soft tissue issues for 40 years. The soundwaves induce microscopic trauma in tissue, stimulating the body’s natural processes for healing. This creates neurogenesis and neovascularization - or new blood vessels and nerve endings, resulting in improved blood flow to the clitoris, which increases sensitivity, all leading to greater sexual responsiveness.

The under-10-minute process includes three gentle steps:

- Step 1: Cupping provides a mild pulsing suction that draws the blood to the surface in preparation for soundwave treatment.
- Step 2: Acoustic sound waves are transmitted through one of the two transmitter heads, which are responsible for enhancing revascularization and neurogenesis of the clitoris.
- Step 3: The second transmitter head uses a combination of vibration and sound waves to help calm the area and allow it to take in the full effect of the treatment.
- This quick session is approximately 10 minutes and is done four times over two weeks.

The results are often felt immediately and intensify over three months. These effects last a year or more and can be sustained with an annual revitalization session of two 10-minute treatments.

Schedule your personal consultation by emailing info@RodriguezRejuvenation.com or by calling 713-523-2500. A client representative will schedule a consultation at the central, convenient Downtown Houston location. To learn more about Cliovana and read client testimonials, visit https://www.cliovana.com.


About Cliovana
Cliovana is an entirely non-invasive treatment that creates long-term increases in women’s sexual responsiveness and orgasm frequency and intensity. The patented protocol is specifically designed for women and uses safe and proven sound wave technology to stimulate the body's natural processes, enhancing vascularization and neurogenesis in the clitoris, the area most critical to sexual satisfaction. The treatments are fast and pain-free, with no side effects and no downtime. Find out more at https://www.cliovana.com.

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