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Mission CancerhopeIndia is a ray of hope for cancer victims

Dr Anilkesar

Dr Anilkesar

MKCCR Buddha

Maa Kaamal Cancer Care and Research campus MKCCR

MKCCR campus

MKCCR campus

Dr Anilkesar is a renowned name in the field of palliative and rehabilitative care of cancer, he launched the Mission CancerhopeIndia to support cancer victims.

Management of cancer is a tricky job. It requires comprehensive support from an experienced therapist who can help you using integrated treatment methods along with modern science treatments.”
— Dr Anilkesar
SURAT, GUJARAT, INDIA, January 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In early 2021, Dr Anilkesar witnessed the hell-like painful last days of his grandfather who was suffering from pelvic bone cancer. In a few years, a grand uncle was trapped in lung cancer and he also died due to the same disease. The chemotherapy sets were deadly side effects and the patient was praying to God for death. Dr Anilkesar became clear in his mind from these experiences that he will help such patients who are somewhere at the terminal end and requires palliative and rehabilitative care. Being a naturopath by profession, he was always advocating Holistic healing with elements of nature. He started searching for various traditional medicines which can help cancer patient to get relief and found Panchgavya as the best solution. Panchgavya is a part of Indian Ayurveda science and is being used for treating patients of all types of Arbuda (Tumors ) since ancient ages. Dr Anilkesar started learning the use of panchgavya by mixing herbs to enhance the anticancer properties.

Dr Anilkesar says that it is not cancer which makes a patient's condition deteriorate but when chronic diseases like cancer intrude the body, body systems start underperforming making the patient sicker. His digestion gets disturbed, his vitality diminishes, and his mental health gets disturbed and hence sleep, hunger, and happiness all go off.

With the holistic concept, we can help patients to provide warmth. We can motivate them to rehabilitate and set back to their daily routine. With the help of herbs and naturopathy procedures, we can provide their pain-free life.

Dr Anilkesar clarifies that not all the time it is possible to push away cancer from the body. In some cases, one has to leave the remaining life with cancer. With the help of the Panchgavya-based treatment, such patient lives with improved quality of the life.

Maa Kaamal Cancer and Research (MKCCR) is a dedicated naturopathy and panchgavya care unit for rehabilitation, respite and palliative care of any stage, any type of cancer patients.

Mission CancerhopeIndia is a mission introduced by Dr Anilkesar to spread awareness of how to deal with cancer in the best possible way so can the patient live an improved quality of the life.

www.cancerhope.in is the official website of the mission.

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