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A New and Unique Digital Gift Card Marketplace for Sustainable Brands in the UK Just Launched

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Showcasing products that can be found on dinkm

Products you can find on dinkm

dinkm is an innovative sustainable digital gift card marketplace, enabling users to easily find and send digital gift cards from genuinely sustainable brands

A one stop shop for all of your sustainable gifting needs without the hassle of the high street.”
— Antony Gutsa
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- What is dinkm?

dinkm is a one stop shop for sustainable gift giving. An eco-friendly digital gift card marketplace, that provides a wide range of certified green brands offering quality gifts without any compromise. dinkm aims to make sustainable gifting ridiculously easy for everyone.

How does it work?

By following three simple principles:
1) Brands on dinkm must be genuinely sustainable
2) They must be digital
3) Most importantly, they have to have provide quality products that the mainstream market would desire.

dinkm is Genuinely Sustainable

When shopping with sustainability in mind consumers often search the internet only to find a raft of brands claiming to be sustainable or eco friendly, when in fact they aren't. This is called "greenwashing". Greenwashing is when an organisation spends more time and money on marketing itself as environmentally friendly than on actually minimizing its environmental impact. A problem dinkm solves by only listing brands that are genuinely sustainable. This is achieved by ensuring all retailers are certified by at least one of the three top globally recognised climate certification organisations; 1% for the planet, B Corporation and Climate Neutral.

dinkm is Digital

The plastic gift card industry is not doing climate change any favours. Every year over 180,000 tons of Co2 (equivalent to emissions produced by 35,000 cars p.a) are released from the creation of plastic gift cards. Moreover, 50,000 tons of plastic enter landfill which can take up to 450 years to biodegrade. As a result, dinkm only lists brands that have a digital gift card offering to to reduce both Co2 emissions and the amount of plastic gift-cards piling up in landfill. An added benefit of being digital is they only takes moments to send and receive, making it quick and easy for those last minute gifters using the platform.

dinkm is for Everyone

dinkm positions itself as sustainable consumerism for everyone, meaning consumers don't have to compromise their choices to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. This is achieved through ensuring that every brand has a range of top quality gifts that are as good, if not better, than anything found on the high street.

Many consumers are constantly struggling to find the perfect gift for an eco-conscious friend or loved one. Wasting hours scouring through the internet looking for something that's just right, but often being unfulfilled. With every google search finding either basic sustainable items such as keep cups and bamboo toothbrushes, of course great for the environment, but often not ideal for that special somebody. Or worse, a whole lot of greenwashing from mainstream brands claiming to be sustainable. dinkm aims to solve this problem through it's innovate digital platform that's putting sustainability first.

Antony GUTSA
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How to find the best sustainable gift using dinkm - website tutorial

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