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Naborforce Expands to Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area to Bridge the Gap Between Full Independence and Traditional Care for Older Adults

RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 24, 2023 Jan. 24, 2023

/PRNewswire/ -- Naborforce, a high-growth elder tech company that bridges the gap between full independence and traditional care, today announced that it has expanded its multi-state services to the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The award-winning business serves as the only on-demand platform capable of matching older adults to a trusted network of "Nabors" who are carefully vetted, ready to lend a hand, and able to assist loved ones age in place at home or wherever they choose. Local residents inspired by a sense of purpose throughout Dallas-Fort Worth are powering Naborforce's innovative business model that has sparked joy and helped older adults age safely and respectfully around the U.S.

Driving the immediate and urgent need for Naborforce's essential offering is an alarming increase in the call for help from families across the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Like other communities across the U.S., family members are struggling to balance the demands of supporting older loved ones while attempting to maintain careers, other family obligations, and their own health. According to the AARP, women are shouldering the majority of family caregiving tasks, which is placing additional pressure on today's workforce. The demand on families is anticipated to grow further as 11,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day through 2030. By 2050, the number of people over 80 is projected to triple.

"Necessity is the mother of invention. I went through this with my mom 10 years ago," said Paige Wilson, founder and CEO of Naborforce. "I had a demanding career and was raising my daughter when my mom fell and broke her hip. That was the beginning of her needing little bits of help. She didn't need an aide or a nurse – she just needed me to lend her a hand, set up the bridge table, or help program the television remote. I started looking for backup and found you're either fully independent or you need home care. But my mom didn't need that. I realized that there is a huge gap in the market. She just needed another me. I wanted to push a button and have another trusted person like me show up to lend her a hand with the little things. Today, that's what Naborforce is able to deliver to the community."

Naborforce, which recently closed a $9 million Series A financing round led by Translink Capital, selected Dallas-Fort Worth as part of its most recent market expansion as a result of the quickly spiking demand by older adults in the area seeking support for errands, light help around the home, and social engagement. Dallas-Fort Worth, which serves as Naborforce's first market entry in Texas, is now part of a growing footprint that includes Atlanta, Georgia; Richmond, VA; Charlottesville, VA; Williamsburg, VA; Virginia Beach, VA; Bethesda, MD, and the Northern Virginia area.

"Our population is aging and families around the country are under increasing pressure to find an answer. They are clearly asking for backup. As a solution, we have harnessed the strength of community to dispatch our network of Nabors on-demand in a collective effort to provide a friendly hand when needed so that older adults may remain social and active," said Wilson.

Often referred to as "backup sons and daughters," Naborforce's trusted network of Nabors is hyperlocal and is based upon the strength of community in each area served. Nabors in each network are local residents who are purpose driven and looking to give back. They consist of empty nesters, retirees, grad students, and others with the desire to make independent and joyous aging possible for older adults in Dallas-Fort Worth. The goal of each Nabor is not to provide "care," but rather to serve as a go-to resource for older adults and their family members when a helping hand and a compassionate companion is needed most.

"Feeling connected is a basic human need," added Wilson. "One of the many lessons that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught is the power of human connection. That craving to connect with others doesn't go away as we age. In fact, it can be life-changing for an older person who doesn't need medical care but could still use a boost in other ways to live joyfully."

Clients or their families can simply set up an account – which takes just a couple minutes – and they are ready to start booking help for all the little things that make life better and more joyful for an older person. As an example, Nabors can take a walk with a client, help clean out a closet, set up an iPhone, change an overhead bulb, help prepare a meal, or enjoy a cup of coffee together.

Passionate and caring Dallas-Fort Worth community members wanting to impact the lives of older adults in their area and residents wishing to easily secure a "Nabor" for on-demand support can learn more by visiting

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