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MIAMI, Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Introducing this year's breakout brand, ZIMRothschild (ZIM); giving a home to the purpose-driven, passionate "Unicorns" that walk amongst us.

"Our motto is 'we see you,' and we strive to be a beacon of light to the world."

ZIM was founded in 2019 by Sunga Mkwezalamba, a lawyer, born in Malawi and raised in Champaign, IL. "I noted a gap in the market for individuals I later identified as "'Unicorns"' – people driven by purpose who needed a home to share ideas, resources, and style. I tested the idea by designing and selling products from my Chicago law firm office, and the positive response was overwhelming." 

The ZIM fashion line is a uniform for  "Unicorns" to identify each other and is to be worn with pride, symbolizing individuality, strength, and motivation. Sunga adds, "We are passionate about creating a safe space for our customers to express themselves and be seen for who they are. Our motto is 'we see you,' and we strive to be a beacon of light to the world."

Generation 1

ZIM officially launched with a limited-edition collection titled "Generation 1," and focused on building community through organic outreach. The line was designed with the aid of a former Creative Director from Off-White, and became a hit mixing streetwear and prep. The connection between the brand and the audience was developed through social media engagement, newsletters, and articles the ZIM team wrote about Unicorn customers to highlight their unique features. "We wanted to identify who Unicorns are, in order to gain an understanding of their interests, as well as why they identify themselves this way," states Sunga. The brand also leveraged customer feedback to drive product design. That feedback was essential to Sunga, as he wanted to determine what customers wanted to wear and understand how the brand could best support them.

Generation 2

Always forward-facing, ZIM will be launching the "Generation 2" line at the end of February in celebration of Black History Month and will be making a bold statement by intertwining technology into their product design. 

About ZIMRothschild

ZIMRothschild is a lifestyle brand and platform for individuals identified as "Unicorns." Unicorns are individuals driven by purpose, who stand out and strive to make life better for themselves and others.  ZIM identifies them as "Unicorns" to ensure they are seen and that the positive changes they make don't go unnoticed. 

Media Contact: Natalia Mohamed
Phone: +1 (305) 768 - 9557  
Instagram: @zimrothschild
Address: 2121 Biscayne Blvd., #1457 Miami, FL 

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