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Mike Jackson began working at NBC4 in 1994. His career spanned more than 40 years, with his first job coming in his hometown of Charleston, WV at radio station WCHS-AM.

Mike’s first television position was at WOAY-TV in Oak Hill, WV, where he anchored the late evening news. He was also a sports reporter at WCHS-TV in Charleston, before working in Columbus the first time with the local ABC affiliate. Mike also served as operations manager and announcer for WBES-FM in Charleston, W.Va. News Director at WOAY-TV in Oak Hill, WV, and served as evening anchor at NewsChannel 8 in Washington, DC before he returned to Columbus.

Mike is a graduate of West Virginia State College with an Associate Arts degree in mass communication.

Mike proudly received a first-place award for reporting by the National Association of Black Journalists in 1993 in Washington, D.C. Other honors include four local Emmy nominations for reporting and two-second place awards for reporting by the Society of Professional Journalists. Mike was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from The Tribute to African American Committee.

“I have covered every presidential race since I’ve been old enough to vote,” he said. “I enjoy covering what will soon become American history. I would like to think that after more than 30 years of broadcasting, the most memorable story is still waiting to be covered.”

Mike said his first job was digging sewer lines and learning how raw sewage was treated in the summer during his high school years.

“It was interesting, but it encouraged me to study a little harder in school,” Mike said.

Mike’s focus now is recovery after a massive stroke in January 2019.

“It’s a simple thing, like walking, that we all take for granted. There is a sequence to walking that I never realized before. Retraining my brain to do things at certain times. We take all this for granted. The brain is the main computer of the body. And it’s not just the physical rehabilitation, but also the neuro, try to get it all reconnected again.”

Mike says what he misses most is the storytelling, especially the consumer stories. He is still hearing from viewers, though.

“The cards and letters have been so heartfelt… And prayer works. I’ve learned that too,” said Mike.

“Consistency plus hard work equals success, and that’s been my motto for the last couple of months.”

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