Kenya Ramirez

Kenya Ramirez joined the NBC4 news team in July of 2020.

Kenya is originally from Chicago where she graduated from Saint Xavier University. She majored in English Literature and minored in philosophy, communications, and writing. She is proud to be a first-generation college graduate. She also acknowledges the privilege

she was given to be able to attend college. Due to that reason, Kenya is also working on obtaining her Master’s Degree in both Law Studies and Instructional Design and Technology. Her father has always said, “You can never stop learning,” and it has stuck with her since.

She is also fluent in both Spanish and English. Her parents are from Mexico and she takes pride in being Mexican-American and tries to visit as often as she can.

Before joining NBC4, Kenya worked as a bureau reporter in central Illinois.  Before arriving in central Illinois Kenya was an intern in Chicago at WGN. Her original goal was to work for social media but after her internship, she found a deep love and admiration for reporting.

As Ohio continues to be more diverse, Kenya is passionate about telling stories within her Latino community and is working to find a way to reach the language barrier that many Latinos face in many communities.

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