COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Nationwide Energy Partners is a submetering company. Most people who interact with this type of company rent or lease their home in an apartment community.

The management of the apartments utilizes submetering companies to manage the infrastructure of the community.

The company’s About page on its website reads:

NEP has built its business over the past 20 years by innovating around the energy and water needs of Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs). In fact, the company was started by a multifamily developer looking for a more cost effective and efficient way to install electric in a community versus using a slow, traditional utility.

Nationwide Energy Partners website

According to the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, NEP is a foreign limited liability company. The company’s initial business filing was November 16, 1999. Then it was called Central Ohio Energy Services, Ltd. and was based in Westerville, Ohio. In 2018, the company’s address was in Wilmington, Delaware.

NEP offers utility management for housing for students, military, subsidized, mobile homes, and senior living.

Before signing a lease or rental agreement, be sure to ask the property management company what company is utilized on the property for utilities.

Then, as with any company with whom you exchange money, be sure to research the submetering company’s business practices with the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio, the Public Utilities Commission, and the Ohio Attorney General Office. Should you want to take further steps, you could also search the Franklin County Clerk of Courts website for how often the company is sued or gets sued.

The best way to know if you will have to use a company like this is to ask the leasing agent before signing a rental agreement.

Remember, since the lease you choose to sign will force you to exchange information and money with a third party vendor, you will need to research the company on your own.

You can use not for profits like:

Finally, these companies do not generate or supply the utility they bill you for. Instead, they manage the infrastructure and accounts.

Similar companies at leasing communities are American Power and Light and Columbus & Central Ohio Systems, Inc.