HILLIARD, Ohio (WCMH)– Weaving your way through the court system may be tough. Fighting a ticket can be rougher. Here is the information you need to help you either pay or contest your ticket.

Payment Options

Should you want to pay the fine and move on with your life, the information you need is below. The city offers three ways to pay.

  • ONLINE: Click Pay your fine online
  • Mail: Send the signed citation, a check, or money order payable to the City of Hilliard. the mailing address is Hilliard Mayor’s Court, 5171 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, Ohio 43026
  • In-Person: The Clerk of Court accepts payment in person in the Joint Safety Services Building at 5171 Northwest Parkway from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Here you may pay with cash, Visa, Mastercard, money order, or a check.
  • DropBox: There is a 24-hour drop box inside the Safety Services Building (do not leave cash)
  • Telephone: 614-334-2361 Visa and Mastercard

Proof of insurance

You will need to provide proof of insurance this was not presented when the citation was issued.

According to the Ohio Bar Association, you need to know a number of things before pleading guilty to a charge. The list below is not strictly for traffic citations.

  • What are the maximum jail time and fines that can be imposed?
  • What are the court costs I’ll have to pay?
  • Do I have to pay restitution to the victim?
  • How long do I have to pay the fine and court costs?
  • Is the prosecutor making a sentencing recommendation and, if so, what is it?
  • What is the mandatory minimum sentence for the offense I’m pleading guilty to?
  • Will this offense be a “prior” for purposes of enhanced sentencing in future criminal or traffic cases?
  • Is there a license suspension or are points associated with my being found guilty of this offense?
  • Do I have to maintain any sort of special insurance or equipment as a result of my plea?
  • Does pleading guilty affect my ability to qualify for government programs and/or student aid?
  • Might I be put on probation or community control and, if so, for how long? What will the terms of probation be?
  • Will I be required to register as a sex offender as a result of pleading guilty?
  • Will I be unable to vote or restricted from possessing a firearm as a result of my guilty plea?

Contest the ticket in court

According to law firm Tyack Law’s, you can get the ticket dismissed. Here are a number of options:

  • Contest the officer’s evidence
  • Provide just reason for speeding or violating another traffic law
  • Prove incorrect information on the ticket
  • Defend yourself in court if the officer doesn’t show up
  • Prove you’re enrolled in a driving course

There are benefits of contesting the ticket. If you pay the ticket, you are admitting guilt. If you choose to show up in court, you have a chance to get a smaller fine or the charge dropped. Since you’re not a lawyer you may want to hire one.

When you get to talk to the judge, you will plead “not guilty.” No, this is not lying even if you know the ticket is legit. This is the state’s burden to prove that you are guilty. Therefore, by law, you are innocent. This is a time where you can ask the judge to appoint you a lawyer if you cannot afford one.

If you can afford a lawyer, a simple search on the internet will find you a lot of lawyers who can defend you in court. Of course, your search can also begin with the Ohio Bar Association by clicking here.

According to Joslyn Law Firm, you can ask for your case to be transferred to the county court. This can happen by simply asking for a jury trial.

Transferring your case can impact the outcome significantly, so you should always carefully discuss your options with a skilled defense lawyer. If you properly appeal the decision of a Mayor’s Court magistrate, your case will automatically transfer out of that court and will be heard by a municipal judge.

Joslyn Law Firm Website

Hilliard Mayor’s Court schedule:

Currently, Mayor’s Court is being held at the Hilliard Municipal Building at 3800 Municipal Way. The Clerk of Court office is at the Joint Safety Services Building at 5171 Northwest Parkway and remains closed to the public at this time.

Your court date is written at the bottom of your ticket. You may also search your case online or go to the pay your ticket page and click the button.