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Winter's last stand... snow & cold

COLUMBUS (WCMH) - It has been a tougher winter compared to what we have experienced the last couple, and Mother Nature is not giving up yet!

The last Tuesday & Wednesday of winter looking pretty crummy!

The normal high temperature starting on Tuesday climbs to 50°, we are going to be nowhere near that number either day as a strong northwesterly flow is going to be in command.  This will give us scattered snow showers Tuesday, Tuesday night, and into early part of the day on Wednesday.

It will also keep our high temperatures 13-15 degrees below normal with some spots north even colder.

  • Tuesday forecast high is 37°, normal is 50°, record coldest high is 23° (1888)
  • Wednesday forecast high is 36°, normal is 50°, record coldest high is 21° (1895)

We are also going to see some scattered snow showers, that generally should be less than an inch in total in the city between tonight and Wednesday morning.


Snowfall, once on pace for a snowier than normal year, might finish on track (or lower).

As you can see from the chart above, we were actuallyl below normal through November, but then our heavier than normal numbers in December (8.1") and January (10.5") shot us above normal.  We did finish just off the normal for February, and we have dropped another 1" or so below normal to open March.

We are so close (25.5" so far) this year for snowfall to our normal (26.7") that any measurable snowfall is going to put us near our normal for the entire season.  And yes, we typically have picked up about 3" of snowfall from now through April, so it is not over yet.


Tonight temperatures are quite chilly again, but overall this Winter has not been that cold.

Actually depending on how you define winter, actual Dec 21 - Mar 20, or Meteorological (Dec-Feb) our winter has been at or slightly above normal.

Since December 1st, we are practically normal for temperatures through March 12.  Most of this was on the strength of a much warmer than normal February where we finished the month 6 degrees above normal.


Looking ahead, the outlook is for warmer weather heading out of winter and into spring!

Don't get too excited, it will take some time, but it appears low-upper 50s will return for the last two full days of winter, but another frontal boundary will push in, just in time for the start of spring.

Below are the 6-10, and 8-14 day outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center at NOAA, and they are showing a near normal first week of spring, followed by some cooler temps for the 3rd week of the month.  Interestingly to note, we are also pegged to have wetter than normal conditions.  Before you think snow, remember, normal temps are in the low to mid 50s by this point, so upper 40s would be below normal for highs.


If you have any questions about climate, snow, temperatures, or any other weather questions, email me:



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