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Winter Storm close, but not quite hitting us

COLUMBUS (WCMH) - For all of you reading this feel like this has been a relentless winter, with snowfall after snowfall after snowfall, you aren't alone.  However, feel better that Mother Nature is finally going to give us a break tonight & Friday.

For the record, snowfall for this winter season:

So far we have had 23.9" of snowfall in Columbus, more than 1/2 a foot above normal for this time of the year.  Last year as of this date, we had only 7.6" of snowfall!!!  So far this season we have had measurable snowfall (0.1" or more) on 19 days, and winter is far from over.  The last three winters we have had 15, 17, and 22 days with measurable snowfall.


We are just going to miss a big blast of winter that will bring large amounts of snow to our north

Looking at this graphic above, notice how much of the Great Lakes is under either a Winter Weather Advisory (purple) or the Winter Storm Warning (pink).  This is mostly for the snow, and heavy amounts that some areas will see overnight tonight and into the day on Friday.

A big winter weather blast has been strengthening off to our northwest in Iowa and Illinois tonight.

This system will generally move to the east overnight tonight, training moisture across northern Illinois, Indiana, southern Michigan, and into northern Ohio tomorrow.

Being south of this boundary will keep our temperatures more mild than what we have been used to all week long (4 straight days in the 20s).

The boundary will remain to our north through the day on Friday, and that will keep clouds around, and temperatures close to 40.

Saturday as that boundary starts to sag south, we will see moisture moving into our area mainly late morning into the afternoon.  But temperatures will be mild enough (near 40) that will keep precip. type as a rain with a few wet snow flakes mixed in.  This moisture should start to taper off as we head into the overnight hours on Saturday

By Sunday there will be a break in the precip. before another weak round moves our way.  This will bring some rain showers mixed with snow showers again.  I do not anticipate any real accumulations of snowfall, since we will have rain showers mixed in, and mild temperatures.

This system will exit to the east by Sunday evening, and on the backside cooler air will filter in for the start of the week, but with more sunshine, it should offset the airmass and keep us in the upper 30s.


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