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Another clear, sunny day Tuesday, a rarity this year

Sunshine brings some of the warmest air of the year

COLUMBUS (WCMH) - It was incredible but the second time this year, we had 2 consecutive completely clear days.  I was looking back at the records for the 121 days in 2018 so far, and you know what I found out, it has been gloomy!

More than half of all the days this year have been considered cloudy

In the climate reports from the National Weather Service, they show the sky coverage for each day.  A 0-3 ranking is considered a "clear" day, with 0 being a day like today with no clouds. 

A 4-7 sky coverage is considered partly cloudy (I would think anything over a 5 should be mixed clouds).  Anything with an 8, 9, or 10 is considered cloudy, with 10 being a completely overcast day.

So far through May 1st:

  • 15% of the days (18) have been considered "clear"
  • 32% of the days (39) have been considered "partly cloudy"
  • 53% of the days (64) have been considered "cloudy"


If you are going by month:

  • 21 days in February (75%) were cloudy
  • 15 days in January (48%) were cloudy
  • 14 days in April (47%) were cloudy
  • 12 days in March (39%) were cloudy

Partly cloudy conditions were the next most common

  • 13 days in April (43%) were partly cloudy
  • 12 days in January (39%) were partly cloudy
  • 11 days in March (35%) were partly cloudy
  • 3 days in February (11%) were partly cloudy

Mostly clear/clear skies were the least common

  • 8 days in March (26%) were mostly clear/clear (2 were completely clear)
  • 4 days in January (13%) were mostly clear
  • 3 days in April (10%) were mostly clear/clear (1 was clear, April 30th)
  • 2 days in February (7%) were mostly clear
  • 1 day in May (100%) was clear


Typically our days do get more sunny as we head towards summer, but the spring usually sees improvement as well.  This April was an outlier.


If you ever have questions about clouds, climate or any other weather, email me, dmazza@wcmh.com



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