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Jerod's Super Bowl 50 "Take-It-To-The-Bank" Predictions

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- Peyton's Walk-Off Winner or Cam's Championship? And Coldplay doing the halftime show? Is this 1998?

Anyway, I have some questions. First… football.

Super Bowl 50 Preview

I've been awfully impressed with the Broncos defense this season. The Patriots could not do a thing with Vonn Miller as he disrupted Tom Brady's rhythm the entire AFC Championship Game. Their secondary is banged up, but excellent… and that includes the old Buckeye Bradley Roby.

Carolina, though, will challenge Denver in an entirely new way. Cam Newton's run-pass threat may be the best we've ever seen in modern football (too much?).  At 260 pounds, he's bigger than all but two of the Broncos defensive players (that can change in certain defenses)! He's a matchup nightmare and he's already proven he can steamroll elite defenses.

Look, I tell stories for a living. And wouldn't it be a ridiculously good story if Peyton Manning walked off the field Sunday night in California holding the Lombardi Trophy over his head? One of the great players in NFL history, regardless of position, clearly at the tail end of his career, using veteran instincts and savvy to earn another championship? People would be brought to tears!

And I don't think it's going to happen.

Carolina has the chance to go down as one of the great teams in recent NFL history and I think they'll cement it with an impressive performance in the 50th Super Bowl. It'll be tough for them to score, but they'll outpoint the Broncos. Look for Panthers LB Luke Kuechly (Ohio guy) to handle business.

FINAL: Carolina 31, Denver 20. Newton wins MVP.

Best Bets for your Prop Bets

As for the important stuff, the prop bets! Here are some of my favorites and where the "smart" money should go!

1. How long will it take Lady Gaga to sing the National Anthem?

Going 2:25 on this one. With Gaga, expect slightly long and weird, but with an amazing voice.

2. Will the team that chooses Heads or Tails in the coin toss be correct?

The coin will not flip, but land on its side and stay there, defying gravity and science. The second time around Denver will call heads and win the toss.

3. Which team will score first?

Denver scores first, 47 yard field goal.

4. Will the Panthers player who scores their first TD give the football to a Boy or Girl?

It will be a boy, but only because we boys are obnoxious and will scratch and claw any adults in our way to get it.

5. Will Mike Carey be wrong about a challenge?

Yes, likely twice.

6. Which song will Coldplay start with during the Halftime Show?

Speed of Sound? It's probably not Yellow, but that's a strong guitar riff to launch it.

7. What color will Beyonce's footwear be when she comes on stage at Halftime?

Red. Also, no one will be looking at her shoes.

8. What color will the Gatorade be that is poured on the winning coach?

Orange. A classic look for a plus-sized coaches' polo shirt, pullover or hoodie.

9. Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first?

God. And possibly Elvis.

10. Will Peyton Manning announce his retirement in the post game interview?

I expect he'll wait and do something in the coming weeks, something more formal. Perhaps he'll wear a tux.


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