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VIDEO: 10 injured by runaway boat

STEUBEN COUNTY, IN (WFLA) - A minor was charged with boating while intoxicated after a runaway boat injured 10 people in Indiana over the weekend.

Authorities in Steuben County, Indiana say the 21-foot boat was going 30 miles per hour when it ran amok in Lake Gage on Saturday.

They say the boat's 20-year-old driver was speeding when she cut into a sharp turn, throwing everyone off.

The boat rammed a dock, then a patrol boat with two conservation officers on board.  They weren't hurt. That hit though slowed the engine, and one of the officers was able to hop aboard and stop the boat.

Four of the people who were thrown were seriously injured. One person suffered a skull fracture, another person lost part of their arm.

Dominique Effinger was arrested and charged with boating while intoxicated causing injury and being a minor in possession of alcohol.


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