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Texas police release body cam video of disputed arrest

FORT WORTH, TX (AP) -- Fort Worth police have released body-camera footage and 911 audio following a backlash to the weekend arrest of a black man captured on bystander video being punched and kneed by officers.

The initial 50-second bystander video, posted on Facebook by a Dallas-area activist group on Sunday, showed officers struggling to subdue 35-year-old Forrest Curry as he repeatedly asked why he was being detained.

"Hopefully by releasing the 911 audio and the body cam footage, we'll instill a sense of confidence in our administrative review process and provide transparency that our community expects and deserves," said Charles Ramirez, Asst. Chief, Fort Worth Police.

In the body-cam video, an officer can be heard saying, "Why you keep resisting, man? That's why I keep having to hit you."

A police report shows authorities responded to a call reporting possible public intoxication. But Curry's attorneys say he had a seizure-induced fall, and was disoriented when he regained consciousness.

"Currently he's seeking treatment from his physician," said Michael Campbell, Forrest Curry's attorney. "He has a history of seizures. And the original 911 call to police was for a person having a seizure outside the store."

Curry was booked in Tarrant County jail Saturday for resisting arrest. He bonded out Monday.


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