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Sweetest Love: Chocolates Tie Man To Ailing Wife

(NBC News) - A special treat from a candy shop has made a big impression on a Mississippi man, helping him connect with his wife who is losing her memory to Alzheimer's.

Gregg Guion of Canton says the raspberry truffles he buys regularly at Nandy's Candy have been a gift to him. 

Gregg's wife Cathie developed Alzheimer's disease eight years ago and she's been living in a care home for about five years. 

The disease has caused her senses to slowly slip away, but she knows the taste of the raspberry truffles. 

Gregg buys them to make each visit to Cathie special for her. 

"It's just a tradition. I can go up there, cut into pieces and I feed it to her. There's no expression or anything but I know there's a connection," said Gregg. 

On Monday when Gregg came for the sweets, he slipped Nandy's Candy owner Emmie King a note in an envelope, a thank you letter, detailing what Cathie means to him, and what the truffles have meant to both of them. 

Gregg says the letter was intended to thank Emmie for what she does, and to what her hard work can do outside the doors of her shop.

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