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Some Facebook users hit with ‘suspicious activity' scam

MENLO PARK, Calif. (WFLA) - A number of Facebook users are reporting they received a notice about 'suspicious activity' on their accounts.

The scam notifications attempt to scare the user into believing that suspicious activity on their Facebook account has resulted in their accounts being locked.

Users are told it's a 'safety precaution,' before attempting to be baited into click a link to a Google Sites page.

The notice, posted by a number of users on the social networking site, says "If within 6 hours after you receive this information from us and you do not confirm, your account will automatically be disabled permanently."

The notification is signed "Facebook Ads Team."

A number of users posted the notification to alert others about it, urging folks not to click the links.

The scam is the latest attempt to exploit user's information, passwords and other personal information.

Users are reminded to protect their passwords and never give it out to anyone. Facebook reminds that their messages to users will never ask for your password, social security number or credit card number and PIN. When in doubt, you can report the suspicious message to facebook.



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