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Shaq surprises kids in viral basketball video rematch

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCMH) - A group of kids in Florida who were in a viral video last week got a big visitor to their basketball court Saturday: Basketball icon Shaquille O'Neal.

The former NBA star decided he wanted to help out after he saw a video Gainesville Officer Bobby White responding to a complaint of kids playing basketball "too loudly" in the streets. Instead of telling the kids to stop playing, Officer White took it upon himself to join in the fun.

The department later posted the video to its Facebook page, with the message: "We're going to let kids be kids. We are going to focus on the ones that commit crimes. #HoopsNotCrime." Officer White also promised the kids that he would be back with backup for another game soon.

On Saturday, Officer White made good to that promise, rolling up with several of his police officer buddies and a surprise big man.

"Told you I was gonna bring some backup, right? You guys ready?" White asks the kids. "Look at these big guys I brought. You sure you can take them?"

Shaq then gets out of one of the vehicles to delighted surprised from the kids.

"These kids will never forget the day Shaq rolled up to their house to play ball," the police department wrote on its Facebook page.

The kids played a couple of games, all while neighbors watched form the sidelines, presumably without making any more noise complaints.


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