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Richmond pet sitter leaves harrowing voicemail detailing how he killed woman's dog

WRIC - RICHMOND, VA (WRIC) - A Richmond man has been arrested on animal cruelty charges after police say he tortured and killed a dog he was supposed to be watching.

The gruesome details began to surface after the suspect, 22-year-old Wilfred "Freddy" Lee, left a chilling voicemail on the dog owner's phone, explaining what he had done to her dog.

The Facebook post from the dog's owner, Jillian Webster, explains part of the story; she is currently out of the country teaching English.

She left her pitbull, Monkei, with Lee after meeting him online and setting up a foster care arrangement.

Court documents show that he was arrested Monday night on animal cruelty charges.

8News Reporter Matthew McClellan was told Lee tied the dog's legs together for days before strangling it to death.

Lee was arraigned Monday morning and was released on bond.


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