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Man accused of running naked with gun, firing shots

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) - A naked man led police on a foot chase while waving a gun and then firing shots, according to police in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

It happened at the Dana Downs Apartments at 1400 Lascassas Pike around 8 a.m. Saturday. Lucas White lives at the apartments and was awoken that morning to his neighbor crying.

"I really couldn't make out what she was said, but she said, 'My boyfriend is running,'" White recalled.

After taking a closer look at the commotion, he saw a swarm of police officers chasing a man.

"Some of them were assault rifles, some of them were shotguns, some of them were pistols," White said. "There were 10 cop cars for sure."

Murfreesboro police said Cadari Lindsey, 21, was naked and had run through a plate glass window. When they arrived, he was outside waving a pistol and started shooting.

"In an attempt to elude the officers, he began running from building to building, again firing shots the entire time," spokesman Sgt. Kyle Evans said. "He was firing them into the air, in the ground, and again in the vicinity of the police officer."

Police said the man had a Smith and Wesson .45 semi-automatic pistol. When a supervisor, who is also on the SWAT Team, saw the slide was open, because he may have been out of bullets, they make their move.

"They were able to utilize a TASER and pepper spray; each had minimum effect on this individual," Evans explained.

During the barrage of gunfire, Lindsey apparently accidently shot himself in the knee.

"Bullets have no eyes when it fired from a gun it could have struck a police officer," Evans said. "A lot of witnesses were standing watching the incident unfold, and very fortunate none of them were injured by the gun fire."

Police believe he was high on drugs that may have been laced with something. He will now face 8 counts of aggravated assault for shooting int he direction of the officers.



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