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Grieving mom wants to hear her baby's donated heart beat again

Idaho (KHQ) An Idaho mom is on a mission to hear her baby's heart beat one more time.

Back in August, Maliki Cheyney was put on life support after being left with the baby's step-father. Police say that baby Maliki lost his life at the hands of his stepfather, who was arrested and charged with homicide.

When Maliki died, his heart was donated to  save the life of a little girl who needed a heart.

Now Maliki's mother, Dacia Cheyney, is trying to reach out and find the family in any way she can.

"That's my only child's heart and it would bring me a little more comfort to know that a piece of him is living on and helped another family be able to take their baby home. I will drop anything and everything to do it even if it's just for 30 seconds," said Dacia Cheyney, Maliki's mother.


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