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'A Christmas Story' home gets amazing Lego tribute

SYRACUSE, NW (WSTM) A New York man's loving recreation of the house in "A Christmas Story" could soon become an official Lego set you can buy in stores.

Jason Middaugh says what started as a family project, sparked by his daughter's love of the building blocks, turned into a crazy journey to recreate the house from the popular holiday film.

"We spent close to six-months kind of scouring the Internet for all of the individual pieces that we needed," Middaugh says.

The final product is made of roughly 2,000 pieces, complete with the "fragile" marked shipping container, Ralphie in his bunny suit, and, of course, the infamous leg lamp from the movie.

Nearly 9,000 people have endorsed having the set reviewed by Lego to become an actual set sold in stores. The company has a policy that any creation that is able to get 10,000 signatures will be considered.

As of Tuesday, the set has another 374 days to get the remaining signatures to be considered.


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