Twitter hack causes your phone to continuously dial 911

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (WCMH) -- If you tap on the link while searching Twitter, your phone will continue to dial 911 without your consent.

Andrea Jara told WSVN that when she opened the link, her phone began calling 911 over and over.

"It kind of just looked like a YouTube video, so I clicked on it," Jara said. "It took a little bit, and it kind of just glitched. My phone just went blank, and it just started calling 911. I'm sitting there, and I'm clicking end, and it wouldn't stop."

The hack is mostly on Twitter and it has gone viral, and no matter how many times the user hangs up, the phone continues to dial.

"It physically just looked like it was 911 calling," Jara said. "It was just a black screen, and it said 911, and every single time you click end, it was like recalling, calling, calling, so there was no way to stop it."

Some hackers are posing the link as a tracklist to popular musical artists, or asking for support.

Jara said that it only stopped after she turned off her phone, and when she turned it back on, she had voicemails from 911 operators asking if she had an emergency.

"I feel horrible because it was like blowing up their phone," she told WSVN. "I don't want them to come to my house when it's not an emergency. They could be saving someone else's life."

Police warn users across the country not to click on links unless it's a trusted source.



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