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Student tests rescheduled after Ohio testing site glitch

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- Standardized testing at many schools across the state came to a halt Wednesday after a major website glitch.

For hours, the testing system known as "AIR" (American Institutes for Research) was not allowing students to log in.

The Ohio Department of Education reports the problem has been fixed, but school districts may be dealing with the fallout for some time. A spokesperson with the ODE says they were informed Wednesday morning by the American Institutes for Research about a problem with its login system for accessing tests. Districts will again be notified when assessments are available.

Howard Baum, the principal at Central College Christian Academy, says this is the first year his school has used the online system. 

"We had testing scheduled for today and we also had make-up testing scheduled for this afternoon," Baum said Wednesday. " This throws all that out the window so we have to go back to square one and look at the calendar. I'm hoping that the state will realize that since we've lost a testing day today that they will add another day on so we can have that extra day at the end." 

According to a Columbus City Schools spokesperson, students in the district were affected by the issue.

“This is the first outage of this kind that we have experienced with the state system. We have not “cancelled” testing but will look to reschedule, if needed. It’s important to remember that there is a window for state testing - it doesn’t just have to be on one single day - and our schools can adjust schedules as needed, if this outage is prolonged today,” the district said in a statement. 

The Ohio Department of Education released this statement to NBC4:


AIR notified and assured the Ohio Department of Education that it resolved the login system issue and tested it to confirm the fix. Schools should plan to resume testing Thursday. To the extent possible, we’re encouraging schools to complete their English language arts testing within the original window. However, for those schools that are unable to do so, we’re extending the English language arts testing window statewide by two days, through May 1.


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