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Police: Ohio women passed out drunk on porch while watching kids

Summer Mollenkopf and CharleneĀ Bourlier are charged with child endangering

GIRARD, OH (WKBN) - Two women are facing child endangering charges after police say they became so intoxicated that they could barely walk while they were with their children. 

Officers were called to a house on Maple Avenue just before 1 a.m. Saturday, where they found Summer Mollenkopf and Charlene Bourlier laying on the front porch, according to a police report. 

A caller told police that a woman was passed out on the front porch, and her child was trying to wake her up. 

Police said Mollenkopf was wearing only a bra, and Bourlier was laying on her back, mumbling incoherently.

Police said Bourlier's daughter was crying and upset. Also present was Mollenkopf's daughter and a child from the neighborhood.

One of the girls said Bourlier and Mollenkopf had been drinking on the porch, and Bourlier had so many drinks that she fell out of her chair.

Police said several empty beer cans and a liquor bottle were found on the porch.

Officers went inside to check on Mollenkopf, who they say crawled inside. She was found in the shower, foaming at the mouth, according to a report. 

Bourlier was taken to the hospital, and a neighbor took custody of the children.

Children Services was notified. 

The women are charged with child endangering. 


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