Mom refuses to send son to school, claims district lost him

Maytal Levi - DAYTON, OH (WDTN) - A Dayton mother is refusing to send her son to school after she claims the district lost him.

Catherine Williams is a single-mother raising four boys. Two high-schoolers, a first grader, and a one-year old.

"Oh my gosh, they're rambunctious. I love them. I feel like the queen of the house," said Williams, who works a full-time job at a Dayton factory.

Williams says since switching school districts from Trotwood to Dayton in October of 2015 she's had nothing, but problems.

Her 7-year old son, Korday Thymon is a first grader at Meadowdale Elementary School. Williams says within three months, her son has been dropped off at the wrong bus stop several times.

"It's a scary feeling because I don't want to lose any of my children and it hurts that they didn't take any accountability of that," said Williams.

Williams relies on the bus to drop her son off at a babysitter instead of home because she doesn't get off work in time.

"He has been misplaced or lost on four different occasions. So, it's been real rough, but I tried to keep my patience about it," said Williams.

Last week, Williams says her son was placed on the wrong bus again and says at the last stop the driver told him he had to get off.

"Instead of asking him where he need to be or taking him back to school. He had him get off the bus," said Williams.

Williams says a stranger saw her son walking along the side of the road and drove him back to school, where Williams says things got even scarier.

"Instead of the secretary asking the lady return him to her, so she could call me. She went into my personal files and gave this woman my information and allowed her to leave with my son," said Williams.

2 NEWS reporter, Maytal Levi reached out to Dayton Public Schools and a spokesperson said they only release students to custodial parents or people on a parent approved list. The district says they are investigating what happened.

As for Williams she says she called the principal and the Dayton Board of Education who never responded to her concerns. Williams even called the police, but says she was told no law had been broken.

"Nobody has called or apologized. I thank God every day that my son made it back home, but I don't want that to happen to anyone else," said Williams.

Williams hasn't sent her son to school since Wednesday and says he's been staying with his grandmother.

Since digging into this story, Williams says she heard back from the board of education.

As for the stranger that took her son to the babysitter, Williams hopes to find her to thank her.


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