Police arrest Ohio man after complaints about dog left outside

AUSTINTOWN, OH (WKBN) - An Austintown man was arrested late Monday afternoon after police were called to investigate complaints about a dog that had been left outside.

An officer went to the home in the 3800 block of Lanterman Road and reported that a dog was inside of a cage in the backyard. The officer noted in his report that there was very little hay inside of the dog house and the dog's water bowl was frozen.

Police noted that the temperature was 6 degrees at the time.

The officer noted that police had been called to the same home five times for similar complaints, but the Dog Warden was unable to contact the homeowner.

While at the house, the officer said 48-year-old Thomas Learn, Sr. arrived home, screaming that he was being harassed.

Learn, who said he was the homeowner and the owner of the dog, told police that the dog was "fine" and that he was an "outside dog," according to a police report.

Police said he refused to provide a copy of his dog license or rabies shot information, continuing to yell at the officer.

Police said while Learn was being placed under arrest for obstructing official business, he swung at the officer, trying to get out of handcuffs. He was additionally charged with resisting arrest.

During an interview later, Learn apologized and asked officers to drop the charges, according to a police report.

Police noted that he may face additional charges involving the dog. It was taken by a family member when Learn was arrested.

He's scheduled to appear in court on January 8.


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