Mother says Hilliard City Schools did not do enough after boy threatened to shoot her daughter

HILLIARD, OH (WCMH) -- A mother is angry after she said a student threatened to shoot her daughter and Hilliard City Schools leaders failed to appropriately respond.

"All I know is that my daughter was shaking and scared, didn't want to go back to school and she was crying," said Laurie Grantham.

On Wednesday, Grantham's daughter told her what another student said while in class.

"He mumbles, under his breath, 'I'm going to shoot her,' just out of nowhere," said Emily Rodenbeck, an eighth grader.

Rodenbeck said she told a substitute teacher what was said, and the teacher shrugged his shoulders.

She also said she reported the incident to the principal, immediately after the class ended.

"I'm scared because I got threatened," she said. "He threatened to take my life."

Grantham said no one with the school notified her when her daughter reported the threat. She learned about what happened when she met the young girl at the bus stop, at the end of the day.

"I called the school immediately to find out number one, why I wasn't notified and number two what the plan was going forward to keep my daughter safe, and other kids," she explained.

After several conversations with administrators, Grantham said she was told the boy would be removed from her daughter's class.

She does not believe that is enough.

"You just don't say things like that," she said.

Stacie Raterman, Hilliard City Schools Director of Communications, issued the following statement:

"We want to assure our parents the safety of our students is our highest priority. If a student reports a threat we immediately begin an investigation.

Due to federal privacy laws we aren't able to discuss any investigation nor can we talk about any disciplinary measures."

Rodenbeck said she saw the student who threatened her at school on Thursday, and he apologized.

Grantham said she believes the boy should be expelled.

"At Sandy Hook, or Kentucky, they didn't get a warning," she said. "They just got a phone call. Your kid's dead. I think this is a warning. I think we should treat it as such."


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