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Non-profit grocery store to open in Franklinton

For years, Franklinton has been without a grocery store, but on Wednesday that will change.

The Lower Lights Christian Health Center will open the Jubilee Market and Cafe, a non-profit grocery store, on West Broad Street near South Yale Avenue.

The market will specialize in offering the neighborhood affordable, nutritious food.

“We wanted to provide access to a grocery store, a market for the residents of Franklinton,” said Tracy Cloud, Lower Lights Christian Health Center, Interim CEO. “It has been a long time need here in the community.”

In addition to providing neighbors with a place to shop, the store will almost entirely be staffed by Franklinton residents.

“This is where we live at,” said Pamela Brown, the assistant manager. “It’s a store for the community and so we want to hire within the community.”

A nutritionist will be on site, offering shoppers coupons for various items.

Some qualifying customers under the Federal Poverty Level will be offered discounts, as well.

Since the market is a non-profit profit store, donations are welcomed.

For more information on the Jubilee Market and Cafe, click here.


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