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Founder's Day of Caring: NBC4 employees to volunteer at Mid-Ohio Food Bank

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- This Friday will be NBC4’s second Founder’s Day of Caring.

It’s a day our parent company sets aside for us to give back to our communities through volunteering.

This year, we’ve chosen two local charities. This year, is the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

David Welch is a full-time volunteer at the food bank. He started after bringing a terminally-ill friend to the food pantry for fresh groceries.

“Hey, we all need help at one point or another. That is why we are here,” said Welch. “I brought her here so she could get the help that she needed.”

He was so moved by the organization, he decided to join the ranks.

“It does so much more than just feed people," said Welch.

Since 1980, the Mid-Ohio Food Bank has worked to feed those in need across Central Ohio.

“We see a lot of seniors, families with children, disabled, veterans," said Jill Jess. She says one in six Ohioans are at risk of going hungry.

“Chances are, you know somebody and it might not be the peron you think it is,” said Jess.

Jess says the food bank never stops taking donations. In summer months, the food bank sees more families with children, with some kids missing out on school meal programs.

“Every dollar donated we can provide ten dollars’ worth of groceries,” said Jess.

Those are fresh groceries volunteers like Welch look forward to handing out at the food pantry four times a week.

“The best joy I have is watching the families and children’s faces light up when they know what is going to be on the table coming up soon," said Welch. “Watching them go through the process and afterwards they hug you. That lets me know I am making a difference.”


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