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City working to clean up after illegal dumpers spread trash around Linden neighborhood

COLUMBUS (WCMH) - NBC4 is getting results for linden neighbors who say someone's using their alley as a landfill. 

We first told you about the alley near Lexington and Maynard Avenues Monday.  Someone dumped tires carpet and even a toilet. Residents say they complained for months, and nothing was done, until NBC4 brought it to the city's attention. 

The mound of garbage will be no more after Saturday.  Betty Simmons-Talley is glad to see the trash removed away from her house.

"This whole street wants to thank you so very much rob for just working with us and getting this work done," said Simmons-Talley.  

Crews determined it was indeed an illegal dump on city property which means they are responsible for removing it. Tim Swauger with the city said illegal dumping is an ongoing problem.

"Littering and illegal dumping is a problem in a lot of areas of the city. Especially in the alleys," said Swauger.

Swauger says the city's 311 hotline gets about 12-hundred calls a year, but thinks illegal dumps are under-reported.  The Hilltop, Franklinton, and South Columbus are hot spots for illegal dumps. Swauger says there was a code violation this same spot on Lexington and Maynard back in October 2017.  It was fixed and closed. but when it comes to this recent mess.

"We have no 311's until we got the call this week about that issue. So, no 311's came through on that," said Swauger.

Residents in the community said they indeed did call the city's 311's number multiple times and nothing happened.


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