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Buckeye Lake police chief under investigation

BUCKEYE LAKE, OH (WCMH) - The Buckeye Lake police chief is facing more than 20 accusations after an internal investigation ranging from falsifying time cards to stealing money.

The investigation came after the chief said he accidentally fired his gun inside a home while responding to a call.  Members of the council said it's too early to pass judgment right now they're just waiting to hear the chief's side of the story.

Council members looked over 22 counts by mayor Peggy Wells against Chief Hanzey. Some of those counts also include falsifying hours worked by several officers and stealing money. 

NBC4 asked councilman John Geiger why is the mayor just noticing these alleged problems with the chief.

"Well it didn't come to light because a lot of this stuff kind of passed through and there is no reason in history to look at things until this accidental discharge occurred," said Geiger.

Councilman John Geiger is talking about an incident in which chief Hanzey's gun went off inside of a residence on March 10.  According to records NBC4 obtained from Village Hall, Chief Hanzey responded to that service call while on medical leave. Records show he had just had surgery to remove a finger on his dominant hand. 

Now the chief must fight for his job before village council.  Council president Katie Zwissler said she is looking forward to hearing his side of the story.

"Frankly I think all of this should have been done privately for a peaceful resolution that would have been mutually beneficial," said Zwissler.

Council members said they don't have a set schedule for that meeting at the moment, but they expect to have it sometime in May.


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