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Some Baltimore residents say village water is still undrinkable

BALTIMORE, OH (WCMH) -- For years, the village of Baltimore, Ohio was known for having some of the best drinking water in the Midwest. Now, many residents use bottled water to address their day to day needs. What happened?

Better Call Jackson began getting complains from Baltimore residents after their water began to turn a brown tint late last summer. It was so bad, clothing was stained in residential washers. Tubs, sinks and appliances all had a brown or orange-like tint.

We paid a visit to the mayor of Baltimore to find out why the water was tinted for some residents.  Mayor Bradley Nicodemus said it was an iron bacteria and is non-harmful natural occurring bacteria.

"We are engaging a company that specializes in cleaning wells out water wells from where our water comes from," said Nicodemus.

That was in the fall, so has the Baltimore water improved? It depends on who you ask.

"It's better now than it was back like a couple of months ago. It was bad. You couldn't drink. It was brown," says lifelong resident  John Gilmer.

"It's been like 98% better than the last time you were here," says Butch Crumm. "98 percent is an improvement, but,' Crumm says,

'I seen, smelled a couple of times a little different smell. Like it's trying to come back but the water looks pretty clean."

Baltimore Mayor Bradley Nicodemus used a chart to explain part of the village water issue. A series of water breaks in occurred early January. That combined with low water levels, and two warning alarms failed to indicate a problem.

Panic went through the village after pink-colored water came out of some Baltimore faucets.

It turns out, it's an oxidizing agent that goes into the water before its treated to remove odors or rust color. There was too much in the system that day which generated a do not drink advisory by the village.



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