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Family heirloom in limbo after furniture finisher goes out of business

Do you have a cherished keepsake that's been passed down in your family?  Melissa Clarke contacted Better Call Jackson after the buffet server from her grandmother was taken into a local shop for refinishing.

Melissa took her item to Browsers Welcome Furniture Finishing and Repair on Parsons Avenue. She gave the owner, Melvin Satterfield $150 up front.  After a few months, she contacted Satterfield about the buffet.

"He stripped it and took the knobs off and but it wasn't finished, he asked for the money and I gave it to him," said Clarke.

Months past before Melissa was able to contact the owner.

"He kept saying, he was ill, he had something going on with his leg, he had to go to the hospital and I mean a year later and no furniture", says Clarke.

At the same time she contacted, Better Call Jackson, she decided to drive past the Parson's avenue location and she noticed a sign in the store window.  It was from the owner of the property, as Browsers Welcome was apparently out of business.

"He was nice enough to put a note on his door and saying, if anybody has pieces in there, to call him, so he can give them to them.', said Clarke.

Better Call Jackson was able to speak with Mr. Satterfield and after thirty years of business and the last 19 on Parsons Avenue, health issues have forced his retirement.

Melissa was considering contacting the Ohio Attorney Generals Office to recover her $300, but, Mr. Satterfield has decided to refund his customers.

If you have an item at Browsers Welcome on Parsons Avenue, you can call, 614-317-7639 to have your item returned.


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