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More than 60 Ohio Wendy's part of 1,025 restaurants affected by hackers

COLUMBUS (WCMH/AP) - Wendy's says hackers were able to steal customer's credit and debit card information at 1,025 of its U.S. restaurants, with 68 being Ohio. Far more than it originally thought.

The hamburger chain says hackers were able to access card numbers, names, expiration dates and codes on the cards. Some customer's cards were used to make fraudulent purchases at other stores.

In May, it said malware was found in fewer than 300 restaurants starting in the fall of 2015. About a month later, it said two types of malware were found and the number of restaurants affected was "considerably higher." The malware tried to get access to the following data: cardholder name, credit or debit card number, expiration date, cardholder verification value, and service code.

Wendy's says the "malware has also been disabled in all franchisee restaurants where it has been discovered."

There are more than 5,700 U.S. Wendy's restaurants.

Here is the list of Wendy's in Ohio that were hacked:

AddressCityStateZip CodeDates
2060 MOGADORE ROADAKRONOHIO443121/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1040 PROSPECT ROADASHTABULAOHIO440041/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
27 S RACCOON RDAUSTINTOWNOHIO4451511/1/2015 - 2/14/2016
1487 CENTER ROADAVONOHIO440111/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
700 SOUTH MAINBELLEFONTAINEOHIO4331110/29/2015 - 2/14/2016
433 BOARDMAN-POLAND RD.BOARDMANOHIO445121/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1504 WOOSTER STBOWLING GREENOHIO434021/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1094 S. MAIN STBOWLING GREENOHIO434021/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
636 LINCOLNCADIZOHIO439071/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1708 SOUTHGATE PKWYCAMBRIDGEOHIO437251/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
2180 E. WHEELING AVENUECAMBRIDGEOHIO437251/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1301 30TH STREET NWCANTONOHIO447091/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
436 CENTER STREETCHARDONOHIO4402410/30/2015 - 2/14/2016
11400 DALLAS BOULEVARDCINCINNATIOHIO452311/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
3055 SULLIVANT AVE.COLUMBUSOHIO4320410/29/2015 - 2/14/2016
1460 HARRISBURG PIKECOLUMBUSOHIO4322310/29/2015 - 2/14/2016
2004 N. HIGH STREETCOLUMBUSOHIO432011/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
3455 N. CLEVELAND AVE.COLUMBUSOHIO432241/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
6030 BUSCH BLVD.COLUMBUSOHIO432291/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1100 DUBLIN ROADCOLUMBUSOHIO4321510/29/2015 - 2/14/2016
1483 OLENTANGY RIVER RD.COLUMBUSOHIO432121/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
685 E HUDSONCOLUMBUSOHIO432111/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
450 W 10TH AVECOLUMBUSOHIO4321011/1/2015 - 2/14/2016
1724 W FIFTH AVECOLUMBUSOHIO432121/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1054 E. BROAD ST.COLUMBUSOHIO432051/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
8450 N HIGH STCOLUMBUSOHIO432351/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
233 S. 2ND ST.COSHOCTONOHIO4381210/29/2015 - 2/14/2016
7435 BRANDT PIKEDAYTONOHIO454241/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
15957 ST RT 170E.LIVERPOOLOHIO439201/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1521 NORTH BARRON STREETEATONOHIO453201/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
393 NORTH BROAD STREETFAIRBORNOHIO453241/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
500 TIFFIN AVE.FINDLAYOHIO4584010/29/2015 - 2/14/2016
740 TRENTON AVE.FINDLAYOHIO4584010/29/2015 - 2/14/2016
1104 COUNTYLINE STFOSTORIAOHIO448301/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1782 SOUTH BROADWAYGENEVAOHIO440411/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1920 STRINGTOWN ROADGROVE CITYOHIO431231/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
3065 LONDON-GROVEPORT ROADGROVE CITYOHIO431231/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
3445 BROADWAYGROVE CITYOHIO431231/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
8201 ST. RT. 235HUBER HTS.OHIO454241/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1372 LEXINGTON AVENUEMANSFIELDOHIO449041/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
402 AETNA STREETMARTINS FERRYOHIO439351/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1155 READING ROADMASONOHIO4504012/2/2015 - 6/8/2016
8200 ARBOR SQUARE DR.MASONOHIO4504012/2/2015 - 6/8/2016
6330 ST RT 128MIAMITOWNOHIO450411/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
6148 ST. RT. 95MT.GILEADOHIO4333812/2/2015 - 6/8/2016
1415 N.21ST STNEWARKOHIO4305510/29/2015 - 2/14/2016
204 CHERRY VALLEY RD NENEWARKOHIO4305510/31/2015 - 2/14/2016
55 DAYTON ROADNEWARKOHIO4305510/29/2015 - 1/22/2016
5711 YOUNGSTOWN-WARRENNILESOHIO4444610/31/2015 - 2/14/2016
5142 COLLEGE CORNER PIKEOXFORDOHIO450561/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
1550 MENTOR AVE.PAINESVILLEOHIO440771/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
45 EAST BROAD STREETPATASKALAOHIO4306210/29/2015 - 2/14/2016
26630 DIXIE HIGHWAYPERRYSBURGOHIO435511/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
27240 CROSSROADS PARKWAYROSSFORDOHIO434601/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
2388 E STATE STREETSALEMOHIO444601/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
2206 SUNSET BLVD.STEUBENVILLEOHIO439521/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
88 MILLER DRIVESUNBURYOHIO4307412/2/2015 - 6/8/2016
3 WELLER DRIVETIPP CITYOHIO453711/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
825 W MAIN STREETTROYOHIO453731/13/2016 - 6/9/2016
1300 ARCHER DRIVETROYOHIO453731/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
383 E NATIONAL ROADVANDALIAOHIO453771/13/2016 - 6/9/2016
1411 BELLEFONTAINE ST.WAPAKONETAOHIO4589510/28/2015 - 2/14/2016
2033 WALMART DRIVE, NEWARRENOHIO4448310/31/2015 - 2/14/2016
530 CLINTON AVENUEWASHINGTON C.H.OHIO431601/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
5855 SOM CENTERWILLOUGHBYOHIO4409411/1/2015 - 2/14/2016
100 MAIN STREETWINTERSVILLEOHIO439521/13/2016 - 6/8/2016
4001 BELMONT AVENUEYOUNGSTOWNOHIO4450511/1/2015 - 2/14/2016


The company released the following statement:

We sincerely apologize to anyone who has been inconvenienced as a result of these highly sophisticated, criminal cyberattacks...

In a world where malicious cyberattacks have unfortunately become all too common for merchants, we are committed to doing what is necessary to protect our customers. We will continue to work diligently with our investigative team to apply what we have learned from these incidents and further strengthen our data security measures. Thank you for your continued patience, understanding and support.

If your information was stolen, Wendy's is offering affected customers one year of complimentary fraud consultation and identity restoration services. (https://www.wendys.com/en-us/about-wendys/the-wendys-company-updates)

Customers who are looking for more information may call a toll-free number (866) 779-0485, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm CST, Monday through Friday. Wendy's said Thursday it would post a list of affected restaurants on its website.

Bill Fenner is a computer expert, who owns his own IT business.

"Chances are you're going to get hacked at some point," he says.

Fenner says in this day in age, sometimes there's not much you can do to escape a cyber attack, even with the proper anti-virus software.

"Whether it's on Amazon.com or you're swiping your card at Wendy's, McDonald's, whatever it may be, there's always a risk of exposure," he says. "You have these criminals that have AVG. They have Norton. They have McAfee. They have Microsoft Security Essentials and they're constantly looking at ways to get around it. That is their own personal objective is to defeat those protections."

Fenner says the key is constantly monitoring your accounts.

"It's always about due diligence. You should be checking your credit report once a month. You should always be going over your statements every month," he says. "These days it's a lot safer to stay away from your bank cards and go with using credit cards and just pay your credit card off every month."

He says you should check for suspicious activity, even if it's just for a few dollars.

"They'll do a little $2.95 or $3.95 charge. They do that across 20,000 cards...that adds up to a lot of cash," says Fenner.

He says using cash isn't necessarily the best solution.

"You can still get robbed. You can just be easily on the street and someone can pick your pocket and take your cash and there is not protections for that,"  says Fenner. "There's criminals out there and they are looking everyday for a new way to make money off of honest people."

The Ohio Attorney General's Office released these tips to anyone who may be affected by the data breach:

Tips for consumers:
  • Don't panic. Just because your information has been compromised doesn't mean it will be used fraudulently. (A data breach is not the same as identity theft.)
  • Monitor your credit card accounts. Look for suspicious activity. If you find errors, immediately notify your credit card provider.
  • Understand the type of information that was affected. Not all breaches affect the same type of data. If only your credit card number was compromised, your risk for identity theft may be lower than it would be if your Social Security number and/or account passwords were compromised.
  • Consider paying with a credit card versus a debit card. When you pay with a credit card, you generally have greater protections for disputing fraudulent charges. On the other hand, if you pay with a debit card, and a breach occurs, a scammer might be able to access your bank account (because it's tied to your debit card).
  • Beware of "phishing" scams related to the breach. Con artists may pose as a representative from the organization that was breached to try to obtain your personal information. Calls claiming to provide information about the breach may be scams.
  • Check your credit report. You are entitled to one free credit report per year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Checking your credit report can help you watch for signs of identity theft and make sure the information reported about your credit history is accurate. Visit www.AnnualCreditReport.com to access your free annual reports. You can pull all three at once, or you can stagger pulling your reports throughout the year.
  • For help, contact the Ohio Attorney General's Office. Ohioans who want to learn more about consumer protection issues, file a consumer complaint, or get help correcting the effects of identity theft should contact the Ohio Attorney General's Office at www.OhioProtects.org or calling 800-282-0515.

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