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Sketch artist worked with accused serial killer to try and identify victim

MARION, OH (WCMH)--Authorities with the Marion County Sheriff's Office are hoping a newly-released sketch of a murder victim from nearly 10 years ago will help them identify her.

Suspected serial killer Shawn Grate recently told investigators he killed the woman in Marion back in 2007.

Monday, a sketch artist from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office met with Grate at the Ashland County Jail to help guide her in creating a new sketch.

A computer-generated one that had been circulated previously has not been successful in helping investigators identify skeletal remains.

Brooke Segaard is a criminal intelligence analyst who is also using her artistic talents in the law enforcement field by creating sketches.

She says she gets great satisfaction out of helping family members of victims find closure.

"This case is unique," she said. "It's the first interview I've done with the suspect trying to identify the victim.

"I had him describe the basics to me, what kind of face shape, what kind of eyes, what was the most significant thing that you can remember?" she said.

"He was like, 'yep, that definitely looks like what I remember.' So, that's a bonus in our direction."

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