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Rotting ham smell fills west side neighborhood after warehouse fire

COLUMBUS (WCMH) - Neighbors on the west side of Columbus are dealing with a terrible smell after the warehouse fire on Valleyview Drive that happened August 19.

Steve Martin, the battalion chief for the Columbus Fire Department, said the Monday after the fire, the owner of Dick Cold Storage, said his company was storing 70 units of ham, or approximately 70 semi trailers' worth of the meat.

Coupled with hot weather, the rotting meat is causing a stench in the neighborhoods that surround the warehouse.

Douglas Gray said he has been spending a lot of time inside his house the last few days.

He said he and his wife, an asthmatic, can't sit on their porch swing because the air smells so bad.

"It's been smelling like rotten-dead cows or something," Gray said. "I found out later it was ham they had out there."

In the next neighborhood over from Gray, Jeananne Douglas said the smell comes and goes each day.

"Sometimes you would smell it and sometimes you wouldn't," Douglas said. "It seemed like when the wind would blow, whatever direction the wind was blowing, that's the ones who would get the smell."

Douglas Gray said someone needs to do something about the smell.

"They need to get rid of it once and for all," Gray said.

NBC4 called Dick Cold Storage on Wednesday to speak with one of the owners about their plan to remove the meat, but he was not available and as of 5:30 Wednesday evening, he had not returned the call.


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