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OSU Aerospace Engineering students see project soar to record heights

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- A team of Ohio State University Aerospace Engineering students saw their project soar to record heights and a first place award at the Spaceport America Cup in New Mexico this summer.

More than 100 teams competed, including 21 OSU students, who achieved top honors in the 30,000-foot Student Researched and Designed solid fuel rocket category.

"Our continued work on rocket flights will eventually give us the ability to send experiments to space, not only for OSU, but for the local community as well," said OSU Aerospace Engineering student Nicolas Flesher.

The launch included a 3U payload. Flesher said, the U stands for "unit" capacity. He added, "A U is a 10 cm cube, usually referred to as a CubeSat or a cube satellite. It is essentially a dimension of volume for sounding rocket payloads."

Nine-foot-long Brutus II climbed to more than 23,000 feet. The OSU team was one of only three teams to see successful flights in the winning category. The team also competed in the 10,000-foot commercial off-the-shelf contest., creating a drag system to control the rocket's apogee (highest point). The Buckeye engineers have been competing in high-powered rocketry competitions for the past three years.



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