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Central Ohio plumber offers tips to keep pipes from freezing

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- As bitter cold temperatures continue to blanket Central Ohio, area plumbers are working around the clock on frozen and busted pipes.

"There was a little drip in the beginning, and then nothing," said Booker Wallace, a homeowner who started his day with no water due to frozen pipes. "We don't have anything [any water] in any of the rooms."

Wallace scheduled an appointment with Calhoun Plumbing and Drain Cleaning.

By Thursday afternoon, plumber Sammy Wing advised Wallace to place a space heater near his pipes so they would thaw.

"He's got to have heat in here to keep these water lines from busting," Wing explained.

Wing said Wallace was lucky that his pipes were frozen, and had not broken.

He also stated that it is important for homeowners to periodically run both hit and cold water through all of their faucets, plug any drafts which may let cooler air hit their water lines and make sure warmer air is hitting those lines.

"You want to open up your cabinet doors, clearing the stuff that's there out of the cabinets," he said. "You want to get heat to the lines. Anywhere you can do that, you're better off."

If lines freeze, Wing advises homeowners to shut off their water valves and consider safely warming the lines with a space heater or hair dryer.


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